ghostplay an experimental ambient electronic rock band based out of Sacramento,CA .

Described as having a sound with "80s-era goth and new-wave touches—very Joy-Division-meets-Bauhaus-meets-The Head on the Door-era Cure" (Rachel Leibrock, Scramento News & Review).  Their songs feature a catchy playful lead guitar, a moving rhythm guitar, dancy rhythmic drums, each textured with dark, ambient vocals. "Each one [song] tends to follow an arc, rising and falling with varying levels of intensity and feelings. Sections build off of each other, like waves of an ocean" (Arron Carnes, Sacramento News & Review).

"...the perfect, aptly timed jams for another restless summer" (Niki Kangas, Submerge Magazine)

"The five-song EP has a lazy-hazy spacey-shoegaze feel, with a polish of good production" (Melody Stone, Capitol Public Radio)

"Slow moving psych expedition turns into a spectacular firework finale - awesome trip!" (Turn Up The Volume music Blog) 

The band released their debut e.p. on July 10th, 2015 via Noise Loves Audio.  During 2014 the band worked with producer/engineer Monte Vallier of Ruminator Audio in San Francisco, CA. Monte Vallier (former bassist of indie rock bands 'Swell' and 'Half Church') has also worked with other notable bands such as 'Weekend', 'Slowness', 'Vaniish', 'Wax Idols', 'Mall Walk' and 'Young Prisms'.

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