Sacramento Popfest 2019

Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St., Sacramento

9/6/19 1st Ever Sacramento Popfest! Featuring 8 indie pop/shoe gaze/psych rock bands and 4 DJs from across the universe, descending in Sacramento California for 1 night of bliss-out no corporate sponsored unadulterated dancing and live performances!!

Advance ticket purchasers will receive a complimentary Sac Popfest mix cassette of exclusive tracks produced and released by

Slowness (SF)

Rat Fancy (LA)

The Very Most (ID)

Clevers (SAC)

Sad Numbers (SAC)

Starry Eyed Cadet (SF)

The Heartlights (SF)


DJs Champagne Sunrise (Dusty Reske and Ellen Osborn of Rocketship, Portland OR)

DJs Roger Carpio & Scott Miller (SAC)

Bravos Tacos (Food Truck)

And the Old Ironsides Bar Tenders Serving you from Happy Hour till Midnight!!!

Come celebrate indie music in Sacramento the way it was meant to be!